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    Rodent Removal

    Rodents and rats are disgusting. Especially when they are running around your house, inside of your walls. They spread disease and need to be removed immediately.

    Rat removal is often a bigger problem than you think because rats carry an array of diseases that can be very harmful. Rats carry 6 diseases, including Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome and Salmonella. Rats can albo be dangerous. They can live anywhere and can chew through anything.

    They ruin your food, and contaminate your belongings. Trying to remove rats can be dangerous because they do bite. This is where a trained professional will able to use his knowledge to get the rats removed. The rat removal will be done in a safe manner because the professional will be able to handle all the issues safely and affectively.

    There are many ways to get rid of rats and mice. You could use traps or poison, but the better choice is to call Absolute Pest Management to take care of the problem for you. Give us a call today!

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